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Home School Community Liaison

The Home School Community Liaison Scheme (HSCL) was established nationally in 1990. In the year 2000, the scheme was introduced to the Rosses Community School and the present co-ordinator is Dearbhla Fox.  

Aim of the Scheme
The underlying aim of the scheme is to promote partnership between parents and teachers. The purpose of this partnership is to enhance pupils’ learning opportunities and to promote their retention in the education system. Also, the HSCL Scheme places a great emphasis on collaboration with the local community.
Goals of the HSCL Scheme
  • Supporting pupils
  • Promoting co-operation between home , school and community
  • Empowering parents
  • Retaining young people in the education system
  • Disseminating best practice

Scheme Activities

There are many programmes, activities and courses organised throughout the school year to encourage greater contact with and to empower parents and students.
‘Second Chance Leaving Cert’ gives parents or other members of the family the opportunity to study subjects for the Leaving Certificate again.
Short Educational Courses for parents may include cookery, computers, first aid, art and maths classes. Some of these may be helpful in helping children with homework.
Personal Development Courses/Talks such as parenting, issues relating to teenagers such as homework skills and lifestyle issues.
Pastoral Care and Special Educational Needs teams in the school work together to source and provide supports for parents and student to have a positive educational experience.
Transfer Programme has been established to help parents and pupils adapt to the transition from primary to secondary education.
Home Visits can be arranged where parents or guardians would like to discuss concerns about students. Alternatively, parents are most welcome to make an appointment to come into the school.
Events are periodically organised by the school such as sponsored runs or cycles, musicals, sports matches, concerts or literacy initiatives. These are ideal opportunities for parents, guardians or families to demonstrate support for the student and to integrate more fully with school life by attending or participating on these occasions.

If parents have any queries or would like more information, please contact
Dearbhla Fox

Rosses Community School

Co. Donegal

 Tel: 074 95 21122


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