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Make those study hours pay!

How do you study? Do you know there are certain skills that you need? If you get these right, then exam success is there for the taking.

Don’t waste any more time studying! It turns out that we all learn differently. Some like to read, some like to listen and some like to do. It depends on your learning style. Once you know your style, study gets easier.

There are four learning styles:

  • Verbal

  • Visual

  • Auditory

  • Kinaesthetic

Which are you? Find your own learning style(s) using this quick quiz


Are you getting the most out of your hard work?

Tips for better Exam Preparation


Tips for Oral and Aural Exams

These exams can be scary but with these strategic tips you can take them in your stride.


Notable Notes

Reduce the amount of material you need to learn by taking notable notes.

Notes will help you break down information, organise it and have something manageable to revise.


Tips for Written Exams

Exams are like games. Follow these insider tips from experienced examiners and you have a much better chance of winning!

The ‘rules’ for written exams can be broken down into before, during and after the exam.

Study Skills & Exam Essentials

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